Illinois’ MacMurray College Launches New Homeland Security Degree Program

Photo of homeland security checkpoint at airport.

With the federal government looking for more professionals with a criminal justice background on their resume, Illinois-based MacMurray College has announced the addition of a new degree program in homeland security beginning in the fall.

The 4-year program, which is being offered through the criminal justice department, will also be offered as a minor for those looking for careers in both the public and private sector, according to the Jacksonville Journal Courier.

It is, I believe, a needed degree, and we’re in the business of training people for jobs and this is where the job growth is going to be in the future  in the next several decades or so, John Bolinger, assistant professor of criminal justice at MacMurry, told the news agency. “So we’re preparing students to have degrees to get them out there and working in the field.”

The school said adding the degree to a resume will not only help students find work in border patrol, airline safety and immigration, but in emergency management, data analysis and information technology, as well as in a variety of administrative positions.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities for police and detectives are expected to increase by 7% through the end of the decade.

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