Abraham Lincoln University Extends Online Criminal Justice, Law Programs

Photo of criminal justice and law books at Abraham Lincoln University.

For anyone looking to add a degree in criminal justice to their resume, online law school Abraham University recently announced the expansion of a number of its offerings.

The school said a number of its newer programs focus on legal learnings at all levels including legal and paralegal studies, criminal justice, business and information technology.

The School of Law is the flagship of the university, president and chief executive officer Roy Winter noted. “Adding complementary undergraduate and graduate degree programs allows us to serve a wider student population. We will continue the law school tradition of academically rigorous courses and programs while, at the same time, providing personalized academic support at all degree levels in a true student-centered learning environment.”

School officials said the addition of the undergraduate programs helps bridge the gap for students who do not have the required bachelor’s degree for law school. Graduate degrees also create a career path for student who may want to add a speciality study to their resume along with their law degree.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for lawyers are expected to grow by 10% through 2020. 

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