Young Teens Would Like to Make Money Cleaning Houses, Babysitting

Chrissy writes:
I am 13 and my best friend is 14 and we love cleaning people’s houses and
babysitting but the problem is no one needs us. We just need your advice
on how to help us.

The Career Doctor responds:
I think it’s great that you and your friend like working. Gaining work experience
is not only invaluable for teens
but of course it’s also a way to make money. Younger teens such as you two
have it a bit harder because most states have laws about minimum ages for working
so you have to become independent contractors offering your services to neighbors
and family friends in your community.
No one needs a dependable babysitter? While I find that hard to believe I find it even
more unlikely that folks have spotless houses that couldn’t use a little help from two
industrious teens.
So how can you get the word out? How can you get more jobs? It’s going to take a
little creativity a little marketing genius and a little help from your families. I suggest
you develop a flyer touting your availability. If possible include some testimonials
from previous customers.
Give copies of the flyers to your family friends and neighbors. See if your folks and
adult relatives will take some fliers to their work to hang or handout.
Remember to always have your parents’ approval to do these jobs and I would also
suggest you have them screen potential new customers to protect you.
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