You Can’t Post Resume Online and Sit Back Waiting for Offers

Steph writes:
My job was eliminated in November. I posted my resume on all the major job search sites and applied for various positions. I never receive an a reply from any of the employers; I’ve only received automated responses stating if they were interested someone would contact me within several weeks. Also only several employers have contacted me by phone. How can I get noticed to enable me to get interviews? Thanks for your advice.

The Career Doctor responds:
There are any number of myths and misconceptions about job-hunting and one of the
biggest ones is that you’ll find a new job if you post your resume on a couple (or many) job boards such as Monster and CareerBuilder. The truth is sadly that only a small percentage of job-seekers actually find a new job through this method. Job ads of any kind — in newspapers journals or online — can play a role in your job-search strategies but they should play only a small role. You would probably have better success with a direct-mail campaign to key targeted employers than you would simply responding to job postings.
Your second mistake is that you have not followed up with any of the employers. Another problem with job postings is that there is often no way for a job-seeker to follow-up with the employers; and in fact we’ve heard many employers actually discourage follow-up from Net job postings. So what can you do? You can expand your job-search strategies beyond job boards and focus on job-search techniques that have great success such as networking (by far the best technique) using employers’ career sites mounting a direct-mail campaign contacting the alumni or career-services office of your alma mater for contacts.
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How do you get noticed? Well of course you need to have an exceptional cover letter and resume but you also need to be the squeaky wheel — you need to follow-up all your job leads.
Finally if you do nothing else I strongly suggest you read my article 15 Myths and Misconceptions About Job-Hunting. I think this article will give you some great insights on how to change and improve your job-search strategies.
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