Yes, Unemployment Hurts Employability

Stephen writes:
I have been unemployed since Sept. 28 of last year. Does the fact that I
have been unemployed for several months relay something undesirable to
prospective employers when I interview with them? If so how do I overcome
this negative?

The Career Doctor responds:
The economy makes job-hunting in general much more difficult. That fact aside employers will still seriously question
a prolonged jobless period such as yours. And the issue is not so much that
you’ve been unemployed but more a question of what you have been doing
all these months. And dealing with that issue needs to be your focus.
During these past months have you had any kind of educational experiences?
Have your worked part-time or volunteered your services? You want to show
prospective employers that your skills have not been lying dormant for all these
months but in fact you have been sharpening them through one or more of
these activities.
What can you do if you’ve done nothing during all these months? I suggest
you immediately look at taking a course or two at your local college — or perhaps
a distance learning institution. You might also see if there is a non-profit
organization (museum service organization school religious group etc.) that could
use your skills and expertise.
Finally be wary of communicating any kind of negative feelings about your
period of unemployment. Remember that you are always marketing yourself in
the job-hunting process and no one wants to buy (hire) an inferior product;
always try to be positive in your verbal and nonverbal communications. You can
read more tips and advice in my article
Getting Fired: An Opportunity for Change and Growth.


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