Yes! Send a Thank-You Letter after Job Interview

Kristina writes:
Do you send a thank-you letter after you interview with a prospective company and if so what do you write????
Also how long does it take for an employee to call you back after an interview.

The Career Doctor responds:
Writing a thank-you note or letter is such a small gesture — and such an easy task — and yet many job-seekers don’t do it. By doing so you will help differentiate yourself from others and that small gesture might be just enough to give you the edge to get the job offer.
You should send a thank you to every person you interview with — make sure you get the proper spelling of their names and their titles. The content can be quite simple — from thanking the person for taking the time to interview you — to quite a bit longer — if you have things you want to reinforce or highlight.
I suggest you read a great article written by my partner Katharine Hansen: FAQs About Thank You Letters. Besides some great advice the article also includes links to some great sample thank-you letters.
As for your second question you cannot wait for the potential employer to call you back — you need to be proactive and aggressively pursue the job by calling the person who interviewed you and asking them about the status of the job search and what you should expect next. If you wait for the potential employer to call you back you are going to miss out on some great potential job offers.
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