Yes, Follow Up Resume with Phone Call

Mike writes:
I would like to know whether I should follow-up a resume with a phone call? Thanks.

The Career Doctor responds:
Repeat after me “I will follow up every job lead and after every job interview.” Now keep repeating it chanting it to yourself.
I cannot emphasize this advice enough. Regardless of the economic climate or employment trends employers are rarely going to be calling you and knocking down your door; job-seekers MUST be proactive.
One of the things I stress when reviewing cover letters is that job-seekers MUST put in a sentence about following-up with the employer within a specific amount of time (usually a week to 10 days). This statement puts employers on notice that you plan to contact them about the job you are applying for — but of course this strategy only works if you then take the initiative and contact the employer.
Did you just send a resume — or did you also send a cover letter? Except in those rare cases where the employer specifically asks for just a resume you should always send a cover letter — a key selling tool for you whereas your resume is more a statement of facts and accomplishments.
Get on the phone right now and call each employer. Make sure they received your resume and ask about the search process and timing. Make a case for yourself to be interviewed. If you get someone’s voicemail leave a short message but be prepared to call back again later in the day; certainly do not expect the employer to return your call (though some may actually do so).
You might be interested in reading through a collection of follow-up tips we have compiled on Quintessential Careers. If so please go to Critical Job-Hunting Tips: Key Follow-Up Advice.
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