YES! Follow up Job Leads with a Call

JT writes:
I’ve sent my cover letter and resume to many potential companies and
have gotten several responses that say “thank you for sending us your
information; we’re reviewing your qualifications and we’ll call you if you
meet any of them.” Is this just saying thanks but we don’t need/want
you or would is be acceptable to call them in a few days and ask if they’ve
reviewed it? Just curious.

The Career Doctor responds:
I want every job-seeker reading this blog to stop and repeat these
words: “To be most successful in a job search I must follow-up
all job leads.”
Follow-up is almost as critical as developing the job leads in the first place.
What’s the point of doing all the preparation in finding the job leads developing
your cover letters and resumes and mailing off your job-search package if you
then just sit around the phone computer or mailbox waiting for
employers to contact you? Only a very small percentage of employers will ever
make that first move.
Job-seekers must be aggressive in following up all job leads. You need to say in
your cover letter that you plan to contact the employer in a specified (and
relatively short) period of time — and then you must do so! I can’t say often
enough that the old adage about the squeaky wheel getting the oil applies to the
job-search. The job-seeker who shows interest — in a professional manner — will
get more attention from the employer. And more attention often leads to a job interview.
Don’t go overboard by calling every day but you have to make the effort to follow up.
As long as you act professionally following-up will keep your name in the mind of the
But how do you develop job leads? Here are the top 10 methods for discovering job
leads: networking professional organizations college career and alumni offices cold
contact job fairs want ads Internet job boards corporate career centers recruiters
and pounding the pavement. You can find more information about each of these methods
in an article on Quintessential Careers:
10 Ways to Develop Job Leads.
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