Yes, Cover-letter Letterhead Should Match Resume

Kristen writes:
I had written a cover letter and wasn’t
sure where to put my name and contact information. I had originally
put it on the top of the page in the middle so that it would match the
heading on my resume. However my mom told me that she has never
heard of putting that information in the top middle of the page. She said
that it had to be right or left aligned or that it could be at the bottom after
I sign my name. I looked in the cover-letter resources on the website
but I am still not sure. Could you let me know if all of those are

The Career Doctor responds:
You know I don’t really have anything against well-meaning parents aunts
uncles cousins etc. but unless they work in the career-management field
they are probably not the best people to ask about these things — and I get
these kinds of comments all the time.
So I am glad you have asked me. In the ideal situation all of your job correspondence should look exactly the same — a matched set. The “header”
of your resume — where you have your name and contact information — should
be the same on your cover letter as well as on your references page salary history page and any other supplemental pages.
It doesn’t matter if the type is centered left-justified or right-justified. What
matters is that you are consistent and use a readable font.
And just a reminder about what should go in the header: name address phone
number (home and/or mobile) email address. Provide as much contact
information as possible but if you use an email address be sure it’s a
professional one not like one I received recently from “sexyprincess84.”
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