Writing that Post-Interview Thank-you Letter

Ken writes:
Could you help me write a thank-you for a great interview?
Also how do you refuse a job because you are waiting for the interview responses you liked more?

The Career Doctor responds:
The best thing for you to do is read our article FAQs About Thank You Letters. This article explains the ins and outs of writing thank-you letters after job interviews. Then you should see some sample thank-you letters before you attempt to write yours. We have some great samples so pick ones you like and put them into your own words.
As for your second question please be careful about making decisions too hastily or burning bridges too quickly. I have known too many job-seekers who were sure they would get a better offer from a better company and turned down perfectly acceptable offers just — only to not ever receive another offer. So if you’re sure you would not want
the job then send a letter turning it down gracefully — while keeping the door open for future possibilities. But if you’re not sure try to stall for more time and/or more job offers.


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