Will Teens Suffer from Holding Jobs?

Genevieve writes:
What effects will having a job have on my teenage children?
The youngest is 14 and gets up very early before school to do a paper round and the other two children (aged 16 and 18) work in pubs at the weekend and some weeknights.
I’m worried about their education health etc.
Please tell me what I should and shouldn’t expect to happen.

The Career Doctor responds:
Just about all the research I have ever seen supports the idea that part-time employment for teens can be very beneficial in building important time management and life skills. These part-time jobs help teens experience and prepare for the workplace build a sense of self worth and pride build and strengthen money management skills and develop key time and project management skills.
As long as their grades or social lives do not suffer these part-time jobs all seem like great experiences for your children. I would stress that you make sure your children know that you expect school to come first and that any sign of weakening grades may result in the loss of their jobs.
One final note. While I certainly do not consider myself a prude I would not really want my teens to be working at a pub. Besides the sometimes long and late hours I think that kind of environment — and even sometimes the clientele – is not the best for teens
who are transitioning into adulthood and trying to establish their personal and moral compass.

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