Why Job-seekers Need Portfolios

Betty writes:
I’ve heard and read some things about developing career portfolios
but why should a job-seeker have one? And do you have examples of
portfolios as well? I have found your site very informative!

The Career Doctor responds:
I think all job-seekers should take the time to develop career portfolios for a variety of
reasons but before I get to those reasons let me give a quick overview of what career
portfolios are all about.
A career portfolio (sometimes referred to as a job-skills portfolio) is a tool that a job-seeker
develops to give prospective employers a complete picture of who you are including
samples of your work — your experience your education your accomplishments your
skill sets — and what you have the potential to become — much more than just a cover
letter and resume can provide.
A career portfolio has these benefits to job-seekers:
First by compiling a portfolio a job-seeker is forced to conduct a comprehensive audit
of work experience and accomplishments education and training skill sets and honors and achievements. By conducting this audit I have found that many job-seekers discover
things they have done that he or she had overlooked in the past.
Second developing a portfolio forces the job-seeker to become organized. Once the portfolio
is complete the job-seeker will know how to quickly find all vital job-search materials and
work samples.
Third a well-organized and detailed portfolio makes a strong statement about who you are
as a prospective employee and shows exactly the type of work you have accomplished in
past jobs. Employers are always impressed by quality portfolios.
Read more in my article Your
Job Skills Portfolio: Giving You an Edge in the Marketplace
published on Quintessential Careers.
Also you can see an example of an online portfolio by viewing my portfolio:
Dr. Randall Hansen’s Career Portfolio.


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