Why Do Employers Conduct Multiple Interviews?

MultipleInterviewsSandy writes:

I am curious as to why it takes between 3-6 interviews before a company can make up its mind whether you are right for the job.

By no means it is my intent to buy the company but rather just work in it.

I do not see the purpose of this many interviews! What are they looking for?.

The Career Doctor responds:
I like to think of the interviewing process in terms of dating. Both parties are trying to evaluate whether there is a spark a level or rapport and the potential for future greatness. Just as you can’t always tell whether a guy could make a good boyfriend after one date so too with both job-seekers and employers. Both need the time and multiple contacts to decide whether there is a fit.

Some companies can make these decisions after just one interview but most companies now do at least two or three interviews often times with a different mix of people. And while it certainly makes economic sense for the employer it also makes sense for the job-seeker; you need the multiple contact points to make a sound judgment.

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