Which Direction Should She Choose for Future Career?

Hazel writes:
I have only just started thinking about my future and my future as an income
earner (as I now find myself single and without a penny saved!). My
question is what do you think are good industries (or careers) to be
involved in for the future?’
I am currently employed as a personal assistant for a high profile CEO
and am also working on the company’s Computer Based Training (CBT)
courses as the technical consultant.
I have posed the question above because I’m fretting right now about which
direction I should be heading whether the job I’m in already is a good one
with good possibilities for earning in the future.

The Career Doctor responds:
You have a tough choice ahead of you. On one hand you have the excitement
and perks of working with a CEO — seeing the inner workings of the boardroom
firsthand — and on the other a more stable but certainly less high-profile
position in corporate training. If you are soon facing a choice you should
sit down and weigh the pros and cons of each career path.
For the personal assistant position as long as the CEO appreciates your work –
and as long as he/she stays a CEO — you should have good job security and
perks. But if he/she is nearing retirement age your future is a bit more hazy
unless your boss is open to helping you find a similar position before he/she retires.
For the corporate training position you have a more stable career path… and
actually have more chances for advancement. Corporate training is a big industry –
and only growing as more employers are spending the money on advancing the
education and training of their workers. Whether its computer-based or
Web-based corporate training will continue to play a major role in the future.
But you need to conduct further research and self-reflection. You need to
decide what path gives you the most of whatever you seek — money stability satisfaction etc.

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