Where to Go Next in Her Career?

Leanna writes:
Searching for a new career to which I would be well suited and of course well paid. I have been working in the insurance industry for 12 long years in sales and marketing. Very tired and bored with it and not quite certain which direction to go. I do not have a degree. In fact I took a paralegal course and had a few frustrating interviews being
turned down due to lack of experience. Have since decided that working for attorneys wouldn’t be so great anyway. I started taking a multimedia class but don’t want to go down the wrong path again. Any suggestions — to find out what direction I should take?

The Career Doctor responds:
Leanna put on the brakes. My best advice for you is that you need to take a step back and dedicate some serious time to doing some soul-searching about your life and your skills and interests. As you said you feel as though you already took one misstep — and there may be others (so don’t worry about it too much) — so you want to take your time to dig deeply inside yourself to discover your next career path.
What’s the process you should follow? Read my article The 10-Step Plan to
Career Change
. Changing careers is often stressful time-consuming and frustrating. Don’t let any of these things stop you from your quest. If you follow the 10 steps I outline in my article you should be well on your way to successfully discovering your next career — and the steps you need to take to get to that career.
Best of luck.

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