Where Can Interviewee Get Better Interview Attire?

Rosalie writes:
I have a friend who is looking for work but doesn’t have any interview clothing.
He is trying his best to land a job but because he is not in the right attire he is
not hired. Is there anything that your organization can do to help a good friend
of mine?
Please let me know!

The Career Doctor responds:
I laud your efforts for wanting to help your friend. Dressing appropriately at a job interview is important but not the only factor to be considered. A job-seeker’s
appearance (attire grooming smell etc.) is certainly a major factor in first
impressions formed by the interviewer.
There are now organizations for low-income men and women to find suitable
interview clothing. And — by the way — also great places for the rest of us to
donate our old suits ties etc. For men a growing career development organization
is CareerGear.org. For women a more established organization is DressForSuccess.org.
Both of these organizations do a lot more than just provide interview attire — they
are also career support organizations.
Of course many thrift shops also offer used clothing at low prices.
I think the most important thing to remember is that a suit is not as important
as the overall appearance. It’s better to have a nice (and clean well-pressed)
shirt and tie than to wear an ill-fitting suit.
Finally remember that interview preparation must go far beyond attire. Once the initial
greeting is done the real heart of the interview begins — and that is where job-seekers
must wow the interviewer.
Read more tips on dressing for success — or how to donate to these two great organizations –
by going to this article on Quintessential Careers:
When Job-Hunting:
Dress for Success

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