What’s the Value in an Internship Abroad?

Vicki writes:
I am in an international business program at a college where one of the
requirements is an internship abroad. What is the real value in this
requirement — and what should I be looking for in an international internship and how do I go about finding one?

The Career Doctor responds:
You might not appreciate it now but the required international internship is a
necessary aspect of your education because you will be immersed into
the business culture of a country other than your own. While studying international
business from textbooks and professors is important living it is something even
more important. You’ll experience firsthand the business climate cultural traditions and social and political trends.
An international internship also forces you into using the foreign-language and other skills you have learned.
International-business majors who want to work abroad or for a multinational company need to get the necessary international experience through at least
one out-of-country experience.
You’ll want to look for one that is going to give you the best experience — the
most exposure — and ideally in the industry/location where you want to work
after graduation.
How do you find an international internship? Through your network of contacts — professors alumni international studies office and the career center. You don’t
necessarily need a connection for an international internship but having such
contacts will make it so much easier.
By the way here’s a little tidbit for those considering an international-business major.
Studies show that more and more CEOs and corporate top managers are first being
groomed for these positions by managing one or more international divisions.
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