What’s the Best College Preparation for Aspiring Entrepreneur?

Nathan writes:
I was hoping you could help me in my college search. I know I want to be an
entrepreneur. I don’t want to hold a typical job working for someone else. As
a junior in high school I have a good amount of experience in the business
world. My academic marks are on par with the top universities in the country.
Do you know of any colleges that offer programs for people who want to operate
their own business empire? A small business just will not do. I appreciate any
help you can offer me.

The Career Doctor responds:
One of the biggest trends among students your age is this strong entrepreneurial
desire. Many of the high-school and college students I encounter talk about this
strong need to make it on their own.
My personal theory — and I have no real research to back it up — is that many of you
have witnessed the lack of loyalty employers have showed your parents and family
members through the many rounds of corporate “rightsizing” over the last decade and thus you have this lack of trust that has manifested
itself into a desire to control your own fate.
Many business schools around the country offer entrepreneurial programs so all you need to do is find them.
Of course I thought finding them would be an easy task but all the college search
sites I visited either used a keyword menu that did not include entrepreneurial studies or
yielded zero results when conducting a keyword search.
So my best advice would be to search for the universities and business schools that
most interest you — by size location etc. — and then while that list is still fairly large
search each of the business schools for majors minors special programs related to
Finally you don’t necessarily need to find a business school that offers such programs
but I’ve found that hearing the stories of both successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs
as well as actually running a small business is extremely beneficial for budding entrepreneurs.
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