What’s a Qualifications Summary and Why Is It Important? (and How Do You Write It?)

Marcey writes:
I’ve heard that writing a summary of qualifications or summary of skills section on the
resume is important but I can find almost no in-depth informative information on why
this is so or how to do it. The sources I have been able to find seem to have contradictory
information — bullets vs. paragraph etc. Can you provide some information and some

The Career Doctor responds:
First remember that there are very few agreed upon rules of resume writing. Just
about everyone has a pet thing they love or hate related to resumes. Thus your best
bet is to follow the generally agreed-upon rules of resume development — and these are
the rules I talk about in this blog and on my Website.
The qualifications summary — sometimes also referred to as your professional profile
or summary of accomplishments — has become a pretty widely accepted element for
resumes. I love them because it sharpens the focus of the resume and gives the reader
a quick overview of your most important qualities. I think of the qualifications summary
as the executive summary of your resume. And when employers only have 10 seconds
(or less) to make a decision about your resume a well-written qualifications summary
can be your edge.
The qualifications summary should include the three or four attributes that make you
unique and best qualified for the job you seek — your key selling points.
I personally prefer a bulleted list in the qualifications summary because the bullets
make it much easier (and faster) to read. However it is not wrong to have it as a short
and concise paragraph.
Finally you can use a job objective and qualifications summary together to give your
resume an even sharper focus.
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