What to Do with Psychology Degree?

PsychologyDictionaryCatharine writes:
I have a bachelor’s in psychology and am not certain what I can do with this degree. I have worked for the last five years in mental retardation but would like to get out for a while. While I was in school I attended a seminar were they discussed possible careers but there wasn’t much that they mentioned. Any clues as to were else I could apply?

The Career Doctor responds:
Catharine a psychology degree is a good one because it offers you a broad choice of opportunities though you might also want to think about continuing your education by earning a master’s degree in psychology or some related field to renew your skills increase your credentials and make you more marketable.

Some of the other careers you could pursue with a psychology degree include: school counselor social worker employment specialist teacher researcher and many others.

I recommend checking out the links at Quintessential Careers: Career Exploration Resources for some great resources for discovering more ideas and resources about careers in psychology – as well as many other careers.

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