What To Do with History Degree?

HistoryAl writes:
I have a history degree with a minor in geography and I cannot find any area to pursue using this educational background. I do not have the finances to be retrained; thus I have to use this education as my base. The demand in these teaching areas are very low so that area is not promising. Do you have any suggestions for my career path?

The Career Doctor responds:
Well let me state the most important thing you have going for you: you have your college degree. While majors and minors play a role in giving you some direction specialized education and training in a particular area of study they do not lock you into one specific career path. And many employers care much more about the degree than the major or minor.

The next thing is determining whether you want to pursue jobs related to history or geography and if so determining the types of jobs. According to the University of Delaware’s Career Services Center “history develops two skills; first the ability to understand complex changes in society the economy and the government; and second the ability to organize and express the results in written form” – skills that are useful for any number of jobs in public administration business law and journalism.

Check out What can you do with an undergraduate degree in history? from the American Historical Association.

Finally remember that you will need to be proactive in your job search since companies are not necessarily recruiting history majors all over the country. Once you’ve focused in on an occupation that utilizes your educational background and skills you need to be aggressive in contacting potential employers and asking for an interview.


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