What To Do About Age-Revealing Transcript

Carole writes:
I have read where it is illegal to ask the year you graduated from high school or college.
How do I get around the request for an “official copy” of my recent transcript from said
college for my master’s that refuses to remove the date of graduation from my bachelor of science degree (1973)? Said college told me that would be tampering with the transcript!!

The Career Doctor responds:
Asking your age is illegal. Asking when you graduated from high school or college is a legal
way of trying to determine age though I am not aware of many employers who ask this question.
I am also puzzled — unless you are applying for some sort of academic position — why an
employer would request a transcript.
Age discrimination is certainly an issue in job-seeking and that’s why I also suggest to older job-seekers that you should limit the number of years of job experience on a resume to no more
than 12-15 and that you should remove all dates from your educational record.
I suggest contacting the registrar of your master’s degree university and requesting the removal
based on age discrimination issues. If that fails I would move up the ladder of the institution –
perhaps the dean of your college — and keep requesting the removal of the date. There is no
excuse for their potentially aiding age discrimination.
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