What Skills Do Employers Want?

Margaret writes:
Do you have information on which skills and attitudes employers want? I
have tried searching the site but as yet can’t find this.

The Career Doctor responds:
I wish all job-seekers asked this question and I especially wish college students
would ask this question while still in college. Because job-hunting is a self-marketing
practice where you need to convince the prospective employer you have the skills
it is seeking job-seekers must know — beyond the technical skills specific to
each job — the softer skills employers seek.
So besides identifying your key accomplishments from your college and work
experiences you also need to be cataloging your mastery of a number of other skills.
Here’s a short list of the some of the key skills employers seek from job-seekers:

  • communications skills (listening verbal written)
  • analytical/research skills
  • computer/technical literacy
  • flexibility/adaptability/managing multiple priorities
  • interpersonal abilities
  • leadership/management skills
  • multicultural sensitivity/awareness
  • planning/organizing
  • problem-solving/reasoning/creativity
  • teamwork

There are also a number of personal characteristics employers seek
such as loyalty honesty work ethic professionalism and a willingness to learn.
And remember that once you understand the skills and characteristics that
most employers seek you can tailor your job-search communication — your
resume cover letter and interview language — to showcase how well your
background aligns with common employer requirements.
You can find much more detail on this subject in this article published on
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Do Employers Really Want? Top Skills and Values Employers Seek from Job-Seekers

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