What Should She Major In?

Ellie writes:
I started attending college recently. In college everybody is asking
each other about their majors. I still haven’t decide what I should major.
I have always had a interest in dramatic arts. But I’m afraid I can’t do it.
I’m Chinese and I have a hard time trying to speak in front of people. I
don’t know if I should pick dramatic arts. If I pick a wrong major now I’m
afraid I will regret it later.

The Career Doctor responds:
My best words of advice for you — and the many many other college students
experiencing similar feelings? The three R’s: relax reflect research. College
is a time to really discover what the adult within you wants to do with your
life — or at least the next phase of your life. Use this first year of college to
really explore who you are what you like and what you want to do.
Experiment. Take a variety of classes. Talk with older students in different
majors. Meet with professors and talk with them about careers. Go to the
career services office of your college and take some career interest
assessments. Research potential majors careers and jobs. Join a
variety of student organizations.
And don’t feel pressured to make any decisions right away. Most first-year students take very similar courses — regardless of their major — as most
colleges have a set of foundation or core courses that all students must complete.
Yes some students enter college knowing exactly what they want to major
in — perhaps even knowing their career goals too — but that doesn’t mean
you have to jump to any decision right away.
What should you do? Consider trying out for a small role in a college play.
If you’re not taking one of these courses this semester consider taking a
public speaking or theatre class next semester; even if you decide to go in
a different career direction learning how to be comfortable speaking in front
a group will be invaluable skill to master. You should also examine what it
is about the dramatic arts that most interests you; this assessment will
help you better understand yourself and other potential careers/majors
should you decide not to major in dramatic arts.
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