What Does a CEO Do?

Amy writes:
In your opinion what is the role of a CEO? What responsibilities and role should this person play in the company?

CEO_-_CanvaThe Career Doctor responds:
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – sometimes also with the title of president or the chairman of the board – is the top dog in an organization. The CEO is the leader of an organization – and often the visionary. He/she is the most visible and important strategic decision-maker. The personal goals and values of the CEO strongly influence an organization’s mission strategy and long-term objectives – as well as impact the organization’s degree of success (or failure). Superior planning and organizational skills are also very important.

The bottom line? Ultimate responsibility for leading an organization falls upon the CEO no matter how many lieutenants and other senior managers may be in the organization. And the CEO has a direct impact on the success or failure of the firm.

For CEO and other top-executive job sites check out Quintessential Careers: Executive Jobs.

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