What Can She Do with Her Degree?

Ann writes:
I recently graduated with a B.A in English and history but I’m not sure what jobs I can get with that degree. Any suggestions?

The Career Doctor responds:
Let me get my disclaimer out of the way first — it does not really matter what you majored in during college as much as getting the degree. So while there are jobs that may be a better fit for a well-versed historian your potential jobs are endless.
Some ideas that come to mind: a teacher reporter writer editor public relations specialist historian librarian marketing assistant biographer.
Why not talk to some of your old professors? Sit down and consider what you really like doing the most — what are the aspects of English and history that really excites you? What are your strengths?
You can also get some ideas by going to Quintessential
Careers: Career Exploration
where you can find links to some great resources about choosing a career.

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