What Can She Do in Grad School?

Stacey writes:
I am about to graduate as a business-administration major with a double minor in finance and economics and a GPA of 3.2. I am still undecided as to what I want to do upon graduation; however I would like to work for a non-profit or sports-related organization. I am still open to anything though.
I do not wish to pursue an MBA anytime soon but am still interested in pursuing further training or schooling. Is it possible to go to graduate school for something other than business with a business degree? What types of programs allow this? Teaching possibly?

The Career Doctor responds:
Stacey let me start by assuring you that there are many other college seniors who are in your shoes. I don’t totally understand the lack of connection between choosing a major and choosing a career but I do know it is a common problem for college students.
How should you decide your first career move? Your next educational experience? Well you need to first start with some self-assessment. Why did you choose business as a major? Why did you choose finance and economics as minors? What aspects of business do you like? Have you done any internships or worked — and if so what parts of those experiences did you enjoy the most? What types of things do you enjoy doing in your spare time? From these things try and develop a profile of your likes skills and strengths. Next try and match various careers with your profile.
Once you’ve identified a few possibilities — perhaps in a non-profit or sports organization — you should consider conducting several informational interviews. Informational interviews are where you talk with people currently working in your field(s) to gain a better understanding of an occupation or industry. Read more in the Informational
Interviewing Tutorial
at Quintessential Careers.
We have also published a great article about networking tips for college students. Please take the time to read my partner Katharine Hansen’s article Networking
Timetable for College Students
Finally in response to your question about graduate school yes you can attend graduate school in just about any subject — not just for your MBA. You just may need to take several core “foundation” courses as a condition for being accepted into a graduate program outside of business.


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