Ways to Make a Resume More Effective

Heidi writes:
What are some tricks to making resumes more effective? I am not having
much success in finding a new job and at least one person has suggested
my resume could be stronger. But how?

The Career Doctor responds:
I don’t know about tricks but I can certainly give you some strategic pointers.
I am constantly amazed at how many bad resumes I see on a regular basis –
and with all the articles books and Web-based resources I simply do not
understand how it is possible.
Let’s start with the purpose of a resume. A resume is a marketing document
designed to arouse enough interest in a prospective employer to call you for
a job interview. It’s a statement of facts — education skills and accomplishments –
designed to show how you would make the ideal candidate for the open position.
A resume should focus on the positive. It should not include any negative information.
It should also not include duties and responsibilities salary information names of supervisors or references.
And a resume should be tailored to each specific job each specific employer.
Once you have your resume written you’ll want to modify it each time you send
it off. From the job description and from the company’s literature or Website pull
some of their words and jargon and incorporate them into your resume.
Finally consider adding some kind of summary at the top of your resume. You
could use a keywords section a job title or a qualifications summary… something
that a hiring manager will see from a quick scan of your resume.
And please do not forget that looks and writing matter. Make the resume attractive
and avoid all grammatical errors. Do not use a template but instead create your
own format or borrow one from a resume you find attractive. And whenever possible
have someone proofread your resume before you send it out.
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