Unusual, Diverse Background Results in Three-Year Job Search

Carole writes:
I cannot find an answer in your information on the Career Doctor site. I
have been job searching actively for three years and cannot find a job
because I have an unusual diverse background that doesn’t fit into a slot.
I cover all facets of job searching. When networking I am usually told no jobs
but set a meeting anyway. I have had some interviews from answering ads and
basically try to show I am specialized or tailor myself to the ad. I am usually
overqualified or underqualified because I didn’t work in the specific area
all the time. How can I get someone to give me a chance I do volunteer
work and have also offered to work for free. Have you ever heard of this

The Career Doctor responds:
You are not alone in having this problem. Many job-seekers who have an
eclectic mix of job experiences often have a hard time finding a job.
But yours is a valuable lesson for all job-seekers. Please remember that you
are responsible for defining yourself as a job-seeker — and then providing the
documentation to back it up. If you have no focus as a job-seeker why would
an employer want to hire you?
Take some time for self-assessment and find a career focus. At that point you
may need to do some temping or volunteering to get the experience to get your
foot in the door but your current background may be enough — as long as you
learn how to present it in a focused manner.
Once you find your focus and next career direction remember that a resume
does not have to include every single job you have ever done — it should focus
on the experiences and education you have for the job/career you are seeking.
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