Unsure of Direction a Year Out of College

Jay writes:
I graduated from college a year ago and have been working as a staffing specialist for a temp agency. It really isn’t making me happy but I don’t know what else to look for. I’ve heard of these surveys/tests that you can take to give you suggestions on jobs that fit your personality. Do you know of anywhere I can take such a survey? Maybe a website?

The Career Doctor responds:
Before you even take one of the tests I’m going to suggest I would like you to sit down and make a list of the five skills you enjoy using and the five skills (or things) you really never want to do. Then do a similar list for the five things you like most about your current job and the five things you dislike about your job. These two lists should go far in
helping you sort out what kind of work might make you happier.
Here are some other questions to answer: What was your major in college? Why did you choose it? Why aren’t you working in that field?
And now I would suggest visiting Quintessential Careers:
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