Two Unsuccessful Interviews: What’s Going Wrong?

Anonymous writes:
I have been on two separate job interviews and still have not landed a job. I
dress for success project a happy attitude and show up for the interview on
time. I research the company I am interviewing for have a pleasing personality
and I am enthusiastic about joining their company.

My question is this: What am I doing wrong?

My resume is good enough; otherwise I would not be called in for an interview.
I think the fact that I do not have as much experience as someone else is a factor.
But how am I supposed to get ANY experience if no one will give me a chance?
It seems like the companies like something about my resume that I submit but
when it comes to the hiring part I get burned.

The Career Doctor responds:
It’s important for job-seekers to do the kind of self-analysis you have
done because if something is not working you need to fix it.
I agree with you that your cover letters and resumes must be pretty
good — good enough to get you two interviews but how many positions
have you applied to? Even though they seem to be working for you I
would review them as part of the process. Make sure your resume clearly
identifies your accomplishments skills and education/training.
And while you say you are doing all the right things in the interview
the results — though only a sample of two — say something different. It
could be that in these two situations you were just not the person they
were looking for but it could also be that you are doing something
wrong in the interview.
So here are your choices. If you felt as though you had good rapport
with one of the recent interviews I would contact that person and ask
if they would mind giving you a critique of your performance in the interview.
If that option is a bit too unnerving for you then consider conducting a
mock interview with a career professional — perhaps from your alma
mater — and asking that person to critique your interviewing style.
If you are struggling with interviews or getting interviews but not job
offers then you should review the many interviewing tools provided in
this section of Quintessential Careers:
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