Two Degrees But Minimal Experience

DeeDee writes:
I am writing to ask you about a common problem I seem to be having upon graduation with my bachelor’s and master’s degree. Most of the companies want you to have 5-10 years of experience before you can even apply for a position. I worked full-time while in school but not always within my field. I worked in my field about 2 years and now I don’t know what to do. I am a 26-year-old female who is ready to start working ASAP. I have subscribed to National Business Employment Weekly read the Sunday newspapers from all over the world looked over career and job websites and these things continue to astonish me. Please help; I am becoming frustrated and haven’t put out but 3 resumes yet.

The Career Doctor responds:
Well first of all take a moment. You need to take a step back and do a better job in examining your job search strategy. I’m most concerned that you have only sent out three resumes since you finished your master’s degree.

So my first suggestion is for you to spend some time devising a job-hunting strategy. Specifically you need to decide the best approach for you to find a job. There are several channels you can use and I suggest using as many of these as possible: (1) networking with friends family coworkers former colleagues; (2) work with the placement office from the school you where you received your master’s degree; (3) develop a relationship with a professional organization in your field – and network there; (4) develop a list of companies you would like to work for and send out a targeted mail (cover letter and resume) campaign; (5) visit various Websites – employment recruiting and company – and target those that have the best opportunities; (6) contact some professional recruiters in your field; and (7) continue to review classified ads and job postings (though don’t expect many results from these).


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