Try Finding a Mentor through a Job Club

Stephanie writes:
I am in need of a mentor! I read your article The Value of a Mentor online and I thought it was great!

I didn’t have the best role models if any growing up and I am really lost in my life right now I want to be a writer and potentially design and create my own magazine. However I have absolutley no idea what to do with any of my passions.

I have never done this before so the process is unfamiliar. What would you suggest?

The Career Doctor responds:
Since you are in a large metro area I would suggest you look for something called a Job Club or Networking Club. You’ll get support advice and meet people who can help you figure out what you want to do and how to do it. You may even find a mentor in one of these groups or someone who can suggest a mentor. Here’s an article on job clubs. Good luck!
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