Trust Schools that Offer Credit/Degrees for Previous Experience?

Gevorg writes:
I’m a 39-year-old MBA. On the Internet I found a number of universities and colleges that give degrees in different fields based on the applicant’s work experience. What are the prospects of such a graduate? Specifically I am interested in DBA.

The Career Doctor responds:
I think it totally depends on the industry the school and what you want to do with the degree — but I don’t put much value in any of these programs.
How do you plan to use the degree? I’m an academic and I can tell you we put zero value on these degrees — especially at the doctoral level. If you don’t want to teach however and simply want the degree to add to your list of credentials then perhaps it could be worthwhile.
As education programs grow and evolve into programs we never would have even dreamed of just a few years ago there are certainly more outlets and methods for people to earn college degrees. With the rise in legitimate programs however also comes the rise in fraudulent programs. Thus you need to spend a fair amount of time investigating these educational institutions just as you would any other looking at issues such as accreditation costs reputation.
In the end only you can address these issues and make the decision. Just be careful; just as with “get rich overnight” schemes I personally feel most of these “educational institutions” are more interested in your money than in the value of an education.
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