The Age-Old Dilemma of Job-Hunting While Working Full-Time

Dean writes:
Do you have some tips for someone who is ready to make a job change but is
limited as to what he can do while working full-time? Being in close quarters with
other employees makes it impossible to speak to anyone let alone follow up on
resumes sent out.

The Career Doctor responds:
It certainly is a catch-22 isn’t it? Most experts say job-seekers have better
chances of finding a new job if they are currently employed but how is one
supposed to find the privacy and time to do all the things necessary to finding
a new job while working full-time?
First let’s make sure we all know the cardinal rule of job-hunting while working.
Do NOT use your workplace to job-hunt. Do not use their phone system or email;
do not disappear to go on a job interview. Your current employer is paying you to
work so that’s what you should be doing.
The key if you can afford it is having a cell phone — even if you just invest in one
temporarily while job-searching. You can use the phone to make follow-up phone
calls privately while on breaks from work — and prospective employers can leave
you messages while you are working.
And once you become a candidate for a new position you should make it clear to
the hiring manager that you are only available at certain times because of your current
position. Most employers if they are truly interested in you will work around your
schedule and conduct job interviews during lunch or before or after normal work hours.
If it is a job you really want I would consider taking a personal day so that you are
refreshed and clear-headed for the interview.
Finally remember that no matter what you do especially in small offices word may
get out that you are job-hunting. Is it the end of the world? Not necessarily. If rumors
are spreading around the office it’s best to have something prepared to tell your boss
if/when s/he approaches you.
For some other tips and advice read this article published on Quintessential Careers:
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Misconceptions About Job-Hunting


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