Thank-You Letter After Second Interview

Windee writes:
Do you have any pointers for a thank-you letter for a second interview? Should I follow the standards for a first-interview thank-you letter?

The Career Doctor responds:
First I must offer kudos to you for being so astute to know the value of thank-you letters. It’s amazing what a little common courtesy can do to boost your job search. For those of you who have not learned the secret please read carefully: you really must send thank-you notes or letters to every person you interview with at a prospective employer. Get business cards (or some other method for getting the correct spelling of names and correct titles) and send thank-you letters as soon as possible after the interviews.
I typically favor more formal thank-you letters — rather than notes — for first interviews. After second interviews however where there is obviously good rapport and interest by both parties I would suggest writing a more informal thank you note on nice note card paper (rather than standard business paper) in your own handwriting (rather than
PC-produced). A handwritten thank you note — beyond any content — sends a message of connection and fit.
For more information about thank you letters and notes go to this article on
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About Thank You Letters
. Follow this link to find some excellent sample thank-you letters.
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