Thank You Letter for Flight Attendant

Agnes writes:
I need to know how to write a perfect thank-you letter after the first called (5-minute
phone interview) for the job of flight attendant. I really wish to receive the airline’s
call within 2 weeks to arrange for the face-to-face interview so I need to write a thank-you letter.
Could you please send me some samples as soon as possible.
Many thanks for your kindly help and time.

The Career Doctor responds:
First I have to applaud your efforts and diligence in wanting to write the perfect
thank-you letter. Also always happy to advise a flight attendant as my daughter was in this profession.
I was just chatting with an employer over the issue of thank-you notes/letters
from job-seekers and her comments reinforced what I hear and read
from other employers. Thank-you letters should be part of the common courtesy
landscape but just as fewer and fewer people bother to write thank-you notes
after receiving gifts so too fewer job-seekers make the effort to write employers
to thank them for taking the time for the interview. It’s not a horrible strike
against you if you don’t write a letter — mainly because so few do — but by the
same token if you do take the time to write a thank-you letter you will certainly
differentiate yourself from other job-seekers.
The key to a perfect thank-you letter in your situation is to keep it short and
sweet. Thank the person for the phone interview express your interest in the
job and the company and state that you look forward to the next step the
face-to-face interview. Carefully edit and proofread your letter and then post
it as quickly as possible — and given the short timetable you might consider
delivering it by hand.
Read more about thank-you letters in this article on Quintessential Careers:
FAQs About
Thank You Letters
And you’ll find some sample thank-you letters for specific job-search situations
here: Sample Job Interview Thank-You Letters. Just be sure you borrow the concepts and
ideas and not the letters themselves.


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