Tell Prospective Employer You Were Asked to Resign Last Job?

Roger writes:
It is appropriate to tell the person (when asked) interviewing you for a prospective job that you were basically asked to resign from the company you previously work for.
For example you were asked to resign because new management will be replacing you.

The Career Doctor responds:
Answering questions about how and why you left previous employers is always a tricky issue for job-seekers.
In your case I would stress the fact that new management had been brought in to the company leading to organizational changes that forced you to re-evaluate your future prospects with the company … which led you to the decision that it was time to move on and help other organizations achieve the successes you have helped your current employer achieve.
The real key to your answer is a positive spin on the story. Most of us — at one time or another — have been fired asked to resign or rightsized — so that’s not really the issue. One final note about your response: be sure that besides your verbal response to the question that your nonverbal gestures are not telling another story. Be confident and positive.
And now a short lecture: In all situations from your cover letter to the interview you must be able to showcase your accomplishments and achievements in your previous experiences — and build a platform for showing how you’ll be able to do these same things (and more!) with a new employer. For help with focusing on your achievements read: For Job-Hunting Success: Track and Leverage Your Accomplishments.


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