Tell Employer You’ll Pay for Relocation?

Anonymous writes:
My husband and I are both looking for employment. His company was relocationrecently downsized. We live in Colorado and we’re willing to relocate (preferably the East Coast). When we apply to job listings in that area we say in the cover letter that we will relocate at our expense.

Is it wise to set that down immediately? We want to enhance any chance we have of being interviewed.

Do most employers toss out out-of-state applicants? Would you advise us to just go to the East Coast and then look for a job?

We used to be in the military and aren’t too terrified of moving. Would appreciate your thoughts and any advice.

The Career Doctor responds:
I don’t really think you enhance your chances at all by saying you would pay your own moving expenses; in fact I think just the opposite. I think saying that so early in the process makes you sound a bit too desperate and employers tend to shy away from such people.

Instead focus your efforts on building a network of people in the East. Stress your competencies in your cover letters. Consider taking a working vacation to the East and schedule interviews – job or informational – during that time. Being available for interviews is what is important at this phase – moving expenses don’t enter the picture until a job offer is in the making.

I also assume you are applying for different jobs and have separate cover letters correct? Remember that the cover letter is a selling tool; thus you never want to provide too much information… and certainly never want to provide any information that will derail your application.

So I suggest sharpening your cover-letter fundamentals – do so by visiting Quintessential Careers: Cover Letter Resources. I also suggest you plan a trip east.

Before you go set up interviews with potential employers and a few recruitment agencies.

Finally I suggest you up your networking through professional associations friends colleagues alumni associations etc.
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