Switching from Programming to Another Area of IT

Sunny writes:
I am a college student majoring in computer science at University of Houston and I need your advice.

Firstly I love computers and being around them. After all that is why I got into computer science. But after taking quite a few programming courses in college I really don’t like programming that much.

What I want to ask you is — Are there other “good” jobs in the IT field that don’t deal primarily with programming? As of now the only area that I don’t like so far is programming and I am finding more and more interest in networking and other related fields.

What should I do? Should I get out of computer science just because I cannot tolerate programming or should I continue on?

The Career Doctor responds:
The first thing I would recommend you do is talk with one or more of your professors. Does your computer science major allow for tracks such as a track in programming or a track in network administration? If so then you seem to be in the right place. However if your CS major is purely programming you should consider looking at other schools — assuming you are absolutely sure programming is not for you. Texas has many fine colleges and universities.

And yes there are plenty of other computer and technology-related jobs that do not involved programming. Some job titles/areas include: technical support network administration Web development database administration customer/client support information specialist and trainers.

To get a better idea of what is out there for you I would again suggest you talk with your professors but you could also go to one of the general job boards such as ours at Quintessential Careers and conduct a search. Or go to one of the technology-specific Websites such as Dice and conduct a search. You can find a list of technology-specific Websites at the Jobs in Technical Telecommunications Computers Software and IT section of Quintessential Careers my career and job-hunting resources guide.

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