Switching College Majors

Alessandra writes:
I am currently a student and am thinking about switching majors. I am not really
sure what I want to do. I was thinking about majoring in journalism. With that major
what jobs can I look into and what fields would be available to me? I look forward to
hearing from you.

The Career Doctor responds:
Journalism is a great major — and a great career field. I was a journalism major in
college and spent a few summers working/interning with various newspapers and
The biggest benefit of a journalism major in my opinion is the process you’ll
learn to view assess and write about the things around you. You’ll learn new
research interviewing and communications skills. You’ll improve your writing
abilities. Besides a job as a journalist with a journalism major you can have a
career in public relations in community affairs in speechwriting in advertising
in fund-raising in sales and more…You can find career exploration resources by going to this section of Quintessential Careers:
Career Exploration.
But perhaps the bigger question is why are you considering journalism as a major?
What is your current major? Why did you choose it? What courses in college have
you liked or disliked — and why? What course material gets you really excited and involved?
Go and
read my article Choosing a College
Major: How to Chart Your Ideal Path
. Take your time going through the six steps
of self-discovery…and perhaps the summer break from college is the perfect time for you
to undertake this very worthwhile project.

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