Switch Jobs after Just Three Months?

Chris writes:
I’m a recent graduate from four-year college and have BS in 3Monthsaccounting. I didn’t have any accounting experience so I had a hard time finding an entry-level accounting job. I was finally hired as a payroll processor at local company that specializes in payroll. At this company I basically put the numbers into automated payroll system. With an accounting degree I don’t think I use any of my education and don’t see any future in this company. I want to have more responsibility and use my accounting knowledge related to payroll. (I like the field I’m in.) I’ve been working for this company three months now. Is three months’ work experience too short to say “I know what I’m doing”? Should I wait to apply for other company which provide more work experience? If so how long? Please give me an advice on this matter.

The Career Doctor responds:

Three months is a fairly short period but a lot depends on whether you have a probationary period how often you are being reviewed and your relationship with your supervisor. If you are in a probationary period or will have a 3-month or 6-month review I would wait for the next review period and raise your concerns and interests. If you have only an annual review process I would consider raising your concerns after another three months … unless you have a very strong relationship with your supervisor. At one of my first jobs after I graduated with my bachelor’s degree I had a boss who was an absolute delight and she had a completely honest open-door policy to discuss any issues of concern. It was because of her that I received an adjusted raise after six months something that never happened at that company.

Once you make your desires known two outcomes are possible. The better one: your boss will take your concerns under advisement and help you use more of your accounting skills. The other one: Your boss will either ignore your concerns or think you are rushing things in which case the ball is then in your court to stick it out or start looking for new employment.


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