Solving the Not-Enough-Experience Conundrum

Andrew writes:
I am having a problem getting a job. Right now I have three years of IT-related
experience after finishing a college certificate course. I have worked on big
to small projects and as a desktop analyst. But when I submit my resume for jobs
I have done before and know I can do I am always being told by companies
that I don’t have enough experience and need to get more. But how can I get
the experience if no one will hire me?

The Career Doctor responds:
The job market for professionals in the technology field has been pretty
dismal over the last few years and while we’ve seen some recent increase
in hiring it will still be a tough market for some time to come.
If you have been applying for jobs that require only as much experience as
you currently have — in other words you are not applying for jobs that
require 10 years of experience — then I would venture that these employers
are simply using lack of experience as an excuse for some other reason
they are not hiring you.
Are you even getting job interviews? If not then you must take the time
to evaluate your job-search strategy and your job-search tools.
About your job-search strategy. Are you simply applying to jobs listed
on job boards? If so you must expand your search strategies to include
using and expanding your networking job fairs and cold calling. If solid
experience is even somewhat of an issue you should also attempt to
get temporary freelancing or volunteering work to build your portfolio.
About your job-search tools. Your resume is the critical tool to
getting invited to job interviews. Perhaps your resume lacks the
critical keywords and/or accomplishments from your experience.
I would strongly recommend you have a career professional evaluate
your resume to make sure you are maximizing your strengths and experiences.
I would also recommend you carefully read this article published on
Quintessential Careers: Ten
Questions to Ask Yourself if You Still Haven’t Found a Job


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