Six-times Fired Job-seeker Has Multiple Strikes Against Him

Bob writes:
Just read your advice on getting fired. My situation is extreme. I’ve been
fired more than six times and have not held a job for more than six months.
I haven’t held a job in my career field since October of 2010. I have no
good references and only a bad employment record. What’s my first
step in starting over?

The Career Doctor responds:
I think your first step should be to decide if you are in the right career field.
Fired six times? Either you are in the wrong career or you have an extreme
case of bad luck. And remember you could love a certain career but if
you do not have the basic competencies it should not be the career path
you follow.
Your key task to rebuilding. If you decide to stay in the same career field
you should focus on building up your confidence skills and references.
Consider temping or freelancing. Since it’s been a couple of years you
may need to brush up on your skills by getting more education.
If you decide it’s time to make a drastic change I think your best course
is to spend the time and energy conducting a detailed self-assessment
of yourself. Examine your likes and dislikes what you enjoy doing and
what you hate doing what excites you and what turns you off. Examine
your strengths and weaknesses. Take some online career assessment
tests. Research careers. Consider working with a career professional to
map out some possible new careers.
Finally no matter what you do make sure you really examine why you
have gotten fired six times. If you are unsure consider asking one or
more of your former bosses to give you the straight information about
why you were let go.
Use some of the many resources found in the
Resources Toolkit
found on Quintessential Careers.


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