Should Upcoming Grad Take Job Offer from Internship Employer?

Pete writes:
With my college graduation staring me in the face I am concerned about
landing that perfect job. I thought by now that I would already have one or
more job offers as some of my friends have had. I am facing the prospect of
no job upon graduation. I sort of do have one offer from one of my internships
but I did not really have a great experience there and kind of want and deserve
something better. Should I take the job? Should I hold out? Should I move back
home in defeat?

The Career Doctor responds:
Wow. Lots of questions here some pretty loaded. The answer is relax
and take a step back from your situation.
In an ideal world yes you would have a couple of job offers on the table
before graduation. Yes you would have started job-hunting earlier and taken
it more seriously. Yes your network of contacts would have come through
for you in a timely fashion.
The reality is that a lot of college grads will not have accepted a job offer by
graduation — and unless you have to have a job there is no defeat in moving
back home for a short period while you move your job searching into high gear.
It is easy for me to say but I strongly recommend NOT taking any job offer that
is not what you want to do with your life – if you have that option. That said
many college grads switch jobs less than a year after graduation because they
realize they made a mistake so if you have to have a job upon graduation
know that you CAN escape it with time.
Every graduate faces a different future. Yes some of your classmates may already
have accepted a job offer but that does not mean they have found the ideal job
career or company.
I suggest you work as hard as you can to land job interviews and offers but take
your time and be selective — choose the best offer on multiple criteria. Look at the
salary and benefits the job and the company. Think about your whether you will
enjoy working with your prospective co-workers and boss. Remember… you’ll
spend more time at work than anywhere else.
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