Should He Go Back to Get Interviewer’s Business Card — Seven Days Later?

Maurice writes:
I just attended a job interview where I forgot to get the business card of the
interviewer. Would it be okay if I go back there to ask for it? This was precisely
seven days ago.

The Career Doctor responds:
No no don’t bother going back now. Why have you waited so long? If I read
between the lines I also assume it means you have not written a thank-you letter yet correct?
Well it’s never too late… but I would not waste the time or face an awkward
moment in going back and asking for a business card; instead I would call
the office and ask for the title and correct spelling of the interviewer’s name.
I would then very quickly write a thank-you note that expresses your appreciation
for the interview and reinforces your fit with the position… and then I would
hand-deliver it so the person gets it that same day or the next.
These days as the job search stretches weeks (and even months) it’s probably
okay to be this late with the thank-you note but in the future try to get the letter
out the same or next day.
And for you job-seekers who do not see the value in writing a thank-you note
after job interviews let me just stress the importance of business manners…
and if you want strategy the reason you should do it is because so few of your
fellow job-seekers do it that you will stand out from them by sending a thank you.
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