Should Finance Grad Seek Chartered Financial Analyst Credential?

Furqan writes:
I have a bachelor’s degree in finance. I have not yet gotten any experience. I want to further my education. I am confused about if I should pursue CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) or MBA in finance. Which do you think would
help me penetrate the job market?

The Career Doctor responds:
I’m going to offer some advice but here’s what I suggest you do to
get the best possible solution to your situation.
You need to identify the specific career path within finance that you
want to pursue… research various finance careers conduct informational interviews with finance professionals and intern/volunteer to obtain
experience in finance. Also talk with your professors and career
professionals about careers in finance.
Typical career paths for people with a finance degree(s) include
investment banking commercial banking corporate finance money management financial planning insurance and real estate.
According to the CFA Institute the group that oversees the CFA the CFA has become known
as the designation of professional excellence within the global investment community. “Around the world employers and investors recognize the
CFA designation as the definitive standard for measuring competence
and integrity in the fields of portfolio management and investment analysis.”
To be eligible for the CFA however you need to have three years of
acceptable professional experience working in the investment
decision-making process.
By the way many of the better MBA programs also require several years of
experience so your best option may be to join the workforce and get some
practical finance experience under your belt before pursuing one or both of
these options.
Learn more about the CFA by going to the CFA Institute Website.
Learn more about the types of jobs and career paths in finance by going to this
section of Quintessential Careers: Jobs
in Business Management Finance Accounting Marketing and Sales


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