Should Communications Major Minor in Business?

Nicole writes:
Hi I am writing to ask you for your advice if a business minor is good to have
along with a speech communications major. I am interested in the public
relations/advertising field. I am not big into politics and government so I
am staying away from that area. However I have only taken one econ class
which was in high school. Do you think that a business minor would be to
my advantage or an English or journalism minor? I enjoy writing as well.
I would really appreciate it if you could let me know your opinion. Thank you!

The Career Doctor responds:
Let me first disclose my bias. If I ruled the world — or at least the education world –
every college student would at least minor in business. No one and I mean no one
can escape dealing with business concepts whether in your life or your career.
And having at least a minor in business will make that transition from college to
career that much smoother and help you have more success in just about any field.
And even though you are more interested in the “creative” side of advertising and
public relations these career fields are both critical parts of marketing and business
strategy and thus an understanding of these concepts will make your ideas even better.
That said especially for public relations a journalism minor would also be a smart
choice because in public relations you have to be an excellent communicator. And
combining the speech with the journalism would be a powerful one-two punch.
If I were your adviser I would advocate looking into whether you could accommodate
both the business and journalism minors and still graduate on time.
But as with any decision you make you should seek advice from others. If you have
not done so seek out professionals in advertising or public relations and ask their advice.
These informational interviews are a great tool for building your network and obtaining
excellent educational and career advice. And of course you should consult with
your professors and academic adviser.
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