She Wants Out of Retail But Doesn’t Know How or Where to Go

Andrea writes:
I work in retail and hate it. I have been doing it for a few years now; I kind of fell
into it at first maybe even liked it at first but now I don’t enjoy going to work
am sick of dealing with customers and don’t know how to escape this torture.
I can’t just quit my job and I don’t really know what I would do anyway.

The Career Doctor responds:
Yours is a pretty common situation among older 20-year-olds. You graduate
college without a clear career goal and fall into some unplanned career path. If
you are lucky it’s the right career for you; if not you begin living for the weekend
and dreading Monday mornings. It is such a common phenomenon that there is
even a name for it: The Quarterlife Crisis.
OK. So now that you know what afflicts you what can you do about? For your
mental and physical health I hope you will start working on this plan as soon
as possible. I promise the first parts are not painful at all.
First Step. Take a weekend to really examine yourself and discover your passions.
Examine the types of activities you love doing the most — little parts of the job you
love hobbies you partake in classes you enjoyed volunteering you do. Also
make a list of the things you don’t ever want to do (like dealing with customers).
If you like take some career assessment tests too. The goal of the weekend is
to really build a foundation for career and life change.
Second Step. Research careers and jobs that use the skills and activities you identified in the previous step. Once you have made a list conduct informational
interviews and begin building a network in this new career field.
Third Step. Based on your research in the previous step develop a plan that will
get you to your career goal. It might require further education part-time employment (or volunteering) or simply reconfiguring your resume on the skills
you identified.
Fourth Step. Implement your plan. (This step is the scary one for most job-seekers.
Career change is rarely easy.)
For more detailed information please read this article published on Quintessential Careers: Navigating
the Quarterlife Crisis to Career and Personal Success: Five Strategies for Fulfilling
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