She Turned a Lucrative Job Offer Down for Lack of Holidays

Michelle writes:
I declined a very attractive offer a few weeks ago. The salary was a substantial
increase along with the title. However there was a significant reduction in company holidays
which led to my ultimate decision to decline. My current job allows for a lot of flexibility if
needed but my career options are limited.
After declining the offer I’ve been second-guessing it ever since. Is it to late to go back to the
offering company? What are your thoughts/suggestions? Am I wasting my time on something
I’ve already turned down?

The Career Doctor responds:
In marketing we have a term called cognitive dissonance. It’s a sensation of unease
that consumers feel whenever they make a high-risk purchase and start second-guessing
their decision. And that’s what you are feeling now. You chose the safe option to stay
with the boring and safe job with lots of flexibility over the great career move with more
time commitment.
I have to say though I have never heard of a job-seeker declining a job offer solely on the
number of company holidays. Perhaps you could have negotiated more vacation time
which would have given you the same results in the long-run but that’s a moot point now.
Before you contact the employer though make sure you do really want this offer.
I would say your chances are slim to none for receiving the offer again. You can certainly try
especially if you were extremely polite and left the process on good terms. But by now I am
sure the company has moved on to their next candidate — even if they were gracious enough
to give you another offer.
You obviously are not totally happy in your current position yet it obviously has some nice
benefits for you. Is there any way to approach your boss and see about carving out a new
position for you? Perhaps your boss does not even know that you are feeling so bored in your job.
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